The star of the reality show “Dom-2” treated in a mental hospital

Звезда реалити-шоу «Дом-2» лечится в психиатрической больнице Julia Isaeva, who took part in the famous TV show, suffering with health problems. The girl frankly told the fans and friends that she has to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital №1 named after Alekseev.

      Звезда реалити-шоу «Дом-2» лечится в психиатрической больнице

      Ex-participant reality show “Dom-2” Julia Isaeva recently faced many problems. Who became famous for his short stay in the project in 2013, the party announced to his fans that he was in a psychiatric hospital.

      After returning from Barcelona Julia was first hospitalized in the infectious Department of the hospital, but some time later she was transferred to psychiatry. 27-year-old girl spent the may holidays under the supervision of doctors. For some time she did not disclose the details of what happened with her. But then I decided to openly talk about their health.

      “Hello! And here I am. Something difficult to talk and talk, and a lot of thoughts in my head. I want to apologize to those who I lost, who were worried about me, and who called my mom and supported, although her situation is not better. And here another daughter was unlucky. I had a nervous breakdown, and on this background personality disorder. Depression had been accumulating for months, and here broke through. I permanently dropped out of life, it was hell, I remember in part”. – said Julia.

      According to Isayeva, the Department at the hospital named after Alekseev is popular with local stars, even there were several people from the “House-2”. The girl had given special care by the psychiatrist and psychologist. At first she was not even allowed to use the phone. Isayev was in utter despair.

      Звезда реалити-шоу «Дом-2» лечится в психиатрической больнице

      “Now I was transferred to the health Department of “Faith, Hope, love”. I apologize again, who made nervous, well, I fool you. Judging by the last photo in my feed, I was barely saved, the now is terrible, what the conditions was,” Julia haltingly explained to his friends in Instagram. In recent days on the pages of girls in social networks appeared photos where she was doing an IV.

      Today eks-the participant “Houses-2” has already taken friends. However, close to the patient, doctors they were not allowed, but allowed to give her magazines and sweets. She will remain under the supervision of a psychiatrist and a psychologist, while her mental state is not normal.

      By the way, less than a month ago, Yulia’s mother also ended up in the hospital. She celebrated with her daughter on her 27th birthday, and then the woman had to lie on the examination to the medical center. Julia was on duty all day at the bedside of his beloved mother. Nothing happened, the woman was quickly discharged.

      Recall that Julia came on the show “Dom-2” in the winter of 2013 to build relations with Alexey Samsonov. The girl met with him before the project. However, they did not work out. After that, for she’d been courted by Danil Romanov. In revenge, predpolojeniya Yulia, Samsonov posted Nude photos of her online. This controversial incident has glorified Isaev on the Internet.

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