Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться» Tonight viewers will see the long awaited sequel to Comedy series with Alexander Petrov. In the new series starred a young actress Rina Grishina. The girl has clearly turned into a hot operative Alisa Rybkin.
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»

April 16, on the TNT channel will premiere a new season of “the Policeman with the ruble”. In the story the hero Alexander Petrov became the head of the native Department. In the continuation of the project many starred 30-year-old actress Rina Grishina, who graduated from the theatre Academy in St. Petersburg. She got the role of operative Alice Rybkina that their antics give yourself a head start Izmailov. “StarHit” asked Rina about working with Alexander Petrov, the fights and the atmosphere at the site.

Your character – a girl fighting and the offense itself will not give. Do you feel something in common with Alice? How explain her “freaks”?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Yes, we have a lot in common! Perhaps, of all played roles Alice is the most similar to me character. I almost. Although I am less crazy on people, do not kill anyone, but some devilry there. The offense itself will not give. Anyway, “the Police with the ruble” quite a lot of characters, which if deducted from the actors. —
And you often had to fight in real life?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Something I don’t remember right fight. In childhood probably was a fight with the girls, one hundred pounds. But in a balanced age can’t remember. Was not. But if I – can!—
There were occasions when the police helped you in difficult situations?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»No. And the glory of God.—
How easy is it to fit in the “Police with the ruble”? How often do colleagues in the series have come to help?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»On the first day of filming, I felt excitement. A new team is always so. You never know how you will fit into the cast. But it was very easy. Everything comes from a one-man band Ilya Kulikov (writer-Director – Approx.) he charges us with energy. Everyone on the set, happy to work and believes in the project. All enjoy and love what you do. Remembering the beginning of the work, I want to say that I was accepted easily. Didn’t have to prove anything or to penetrate, so any difficulties with it arose. I think due to the amazing atmosphere, which was created by Ilya Kulikov.

What impression on you was made by Alexander Petrov – one of the most popular contemporary actors? How comfortable to work with him?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Great and easy! No aura of stardom. Great actor, workaholic who works hard. He always has a lot to learn. Sasha deserved status and demand – he works a lot and does not think about their achievements. We had many joint scenes, and as a partner I was very comfortable working with him. And this is very important.
With any of the colleagues on the series continue to communicate?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Ilya Kulikov. With other actors sometimes overlap, are glad to see each other. In General, we are shooting a feature-length Christmas movie, “a police officer with the ruble”. So see everybody at the site.—
You seem like a very brave girl. Is there something you really fear?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Only if the psychological plan. Clearly not height or spiders. Because I’m not very fearful. The loss of loved ones – that’s probably the biggest fear that cannot be controlled or isolated from it. Afraid of heights – I do not fly, afraid of spiders – kill them. With the fear of loss is still very different.—
Where is your house in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»In Moscow, of course. I’ve lived here for six years.
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»
Discover the secret – how do you keep yourself in shape? Maybe stick to a certain diet or doing special exercises?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»There are no diets. Regularly attend yoga lessons, if you have time. As for sports, in recent months, not doing anything. In fact, I have very good genetics. Let’s assume that I got lucky. I am 10 years was engaged in a ballet school, so the form of to lose is unlikely to succeed. Anyway, fitness, running – it’s not mine. Sometimes doing home exercises for yourself. That’s enough. —
Are you satisfied with your appearance?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Completely. I’m one of those girls who do not like to change himself. Never dyed my hair, did piercings. I am always all arranged. About plastic surgery silent, I would not like yourself “to decorate”. You have to love yourself for what it is – it is no wonder that we were created that way.—
What does your younger sister?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»She graduated from the theatre Academy in St. Petersburg, as do I, but studied to be a costume designer. And worked with Ilya Kulikov in the project “Sleeping”. It turns out his sister worked with him before me. Now Lisa is busy in parallel on two projects.—
Relatives are proud of your work? Look with them the films and serials with your participation?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Mom watching. It is, in fact, all this mess with the creativity in our lives and made. Ballet, music – all of it was from her giving. So our sister work in the film – the fruits of her labors. So of course proud. All she dreamed of, came true. When the projects go, I discuss them with my mother, trying to listen to her thoughts.

Frequently communicate with fans on social media? Does somebody of the fans useful advice?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Happened. I have Instagram which I conduct every day. So I am constantly in touch with your subscribers. In addition, periodically, my group of “Vkontakte” organizes fan meetings where I see the real people looking for my creativity. As a rule, such meetings come girls 14-18 years of age. We talk, discuss issues, I try to help. One girl during a friendly conversation, I said, “You’d be good to go into journalism”. Now, she’s studying journalism and is very happy, thanks. Even an interview I recently took for practice. Another girl did a good photo, as a photographer, we did a photo shoot. I like this feedback. If you can be of practical use to people, I always try to do so. —
In one interview you said you were Dating a guy, who was friends with seven years. Are you still together?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»Just after the interview decided not to discuss personal life. Sorry. Neither Instagram nor anywhere else. —
How to think, how strong are the relationships that keep the friendship?
Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» Рина Гришина: «Если что, могу и подраться»(Laughs) It depends not on how they originated. It’s hard to say! Depends on fate, luck, work on the relationship. Have met people and fell in love at first sight, worked together or were friends – doesn’t matter. Most importantly – the relationship was born. The rest – most important is work on the relationship. So that nothing is faded and both partners were interested.
Do you consider yourself a happy person?