Звезда «Полицейского с Рублевки» призналась, что ей нужен настоящий мужчина
Sofya Kashtanova said about what qualities her future man.

Sofya Kashtanova


Star of TV series “Police with the ruble” Sofya Kashtanova, despite the beauty, still did not wait for her “Prince on a white horse”. The actress admits that to win her heart will not be easy. Sophia really gives the impression of fighting girls. “This is because I grew up essentially without a father, says Kashtanova. — I loved my dad, but I can’t say that they felt his defense. And my step dad Raymond (the Stepfather of Sofia’s Mexican, her family lives in two countries.) I have a great relationship, but I still don’t feel male support, as did not feel it as a child. So I have an inner need to defend yourself to protect. This is a big problem at all girls who grew up without a daddy or older brothers”.

However, Sophia doesn’t consider himself a prude, which will only fit the warrior-conqueror: “I don’t need a man for me off of the mountain. Here’s the concern, respect, the ability to protect. Although I certainly like when I achieve. As it should be. A man must show his masculinity to be able to understand whether or not to follow it. Yes, I want to see next to a man, the male. (Laughs.) But very caring”.

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