Звезда клипа «Экспонат» вышла замуж

Elect Yuliya Topol’nitskiy has become a resident of Comedy Club Igor Chekhov.

Rumors about the imminent marriage of the stars of the clip about “louboutins” appeared a few weeks ago, however, Topol’nitskiy denied this information. Even your bachelorette party, the actress denies, saying that the event does not applicable.

It turned out that Julia is still evil to take away from your wedding the attention of the press and fans. The celebration took place in Saint-Petersburg in one of the hotels in the city centre. And as the bridesmaids were actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, which Topol’nitskiy became friends on the set of the TV series “Bitch”.

The bride and groom was irresistible, and shone with happiness. Igor chose the blue blazer in combination with white pants, and the bride shone snow-white dress with puffy hemline. And in the restaurant she changed her image to a more convenient and even rebellious. Topol’nitskiy wearing a cocktail dress, a cap and sneakers, because, as recognized by our actress, she doesn’t like heels.

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The couple have been together for almost two years. Julia and Igor have got acquainted in the General company of fellow actors. Bachelorette party Topol’nitskiy celebrated with friends in Greece, and her beloved friends held a bachelor party in Israel.

We will remind, Yulia Topol’nitskiy, the actress of the St. Petersburg theatre of clowning “actors”, became famous in January 2016 after the filming of the clip “Leningrad”.

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