The star of the movie “the Mummy” Brendan Fraser suffered from harassment

Звезда фильма «Мумия» Брендан Фрейзер пострадал от домогательств

Not only female stars to share their experiences within the movement #MeToo, but the stars of the male. 49-year-old Brendan Fraser, who played Richard O’connell in the film “the Mummy”, told about the harassment by the former head of the Hollywood foreign press Association (HFPA) Philip Burke.

History the actor has shared with journalists of the magazine GQ. Unpleasant incident with Brandon, according to the star, was with him in the summer of 2003 at the Beverly hills hotel. According to the stars of the movie “the Mummy” (The Mummy), Burke grabbed it.

“I was very bad. I felt like a little kid. Kom came in his throat. Thought I’d pay. It seemed that someone threw me an invisible paint,” said the actor.

About the incident at the hotel Brendan told his wife, but to succumb to the disclosure of the incident did not dare. He was afraid to ruin his career and to once again experience the humiliation experienced once. After this career of the actor is not specified. According to the actor, is a case in 2003 was fatal for him. He believes that it brought in the black list in Hollywood, and that affected his career.

Burke, who still is a member of the HFPA, called the story Frasier “complete falsification”, but apologized: “If I did something that upset Mr. Fraser, I am sorry,” replied Philip Burke told reporters.