Звезда фильма «Терминатор-2″ не смог привести свою жизнь в порядок

In 1991 on the big screens out the second part of the sci-Fi Thriller Director James Cameron’s “the Terminator” — “Terminator: judgment day”. in addition to the lead actors from the first part, we saw several new characters, among whom were 14-year-old Edward Furlong.

Charming teen like to the audience, because he not only looked good in the shot, but also perfectly cope with put before him the acting challenge.

But, unfortunately for Edward, the appearance in the “terminator” was the only successful part of the guy in the movie.

Addiction and addiction became the reason for the pitiful acting career. The producers and Director wanted nothing to do with the Furlong case because of his alcohol dependence, which was later aggravated by drug use.

In 2012, Furlong admitted that she was suffering from heroin addiction. A year later he visited for treatment.

But 39-year-old actor Edward failed to recover from drug addiction, according to the tabloids. On paparazzi pics taken recently, we can see that he is wearing a tight dirty t-shirt, jeans strange. It is evident that he is stout and looks exhausted.