Звезда киносериала «Звездные войны» пережила клиническую смерть на борту самолета
The life of the actress rescued the passengers.

Carrie Fisher


the cult movie series “Star wars” struck unexpected news: the actress Carrie Fisher, who played one
of the main characters of the franchise, Princess Leia, almost died. Her heart
stopped beating for the entire 15 minutes. This was announced by the Internet site tmz.com.

Carrie Fisher, who made a promotional tour on the occasion of the publication of her memoirs
“The Princess diaries” back on the plane from London to Los Angeles when
she suddenly lost consciousness. It happened at the very end of the flight — just
prior to landing. Who were among the passengers of an airliner by a doctor,
having examined her, reported that the actress was not breathing and had no pulse. He, with
the support is also evidenced among flying on the plane the nurse, began to do
her heart massage and artificial respiration. However, it took at least 15 minutes before
than Carrie again showed signs of life.

the plane reported an emergency on Board, so by the time
landing at the airport, the plane was already waiting for the Ambulance, which
brought the actress to the hospital. Upon learning of the illness of the mother, to the hospital urgently
visited her daughter Billie, born
actress from her boyfriend Brian Lourdes. As she was told by doctors at the present
time, Fisher is in stable condition, but it is still not at risk
to be disconnected from the respirator.

time Carrie, who played Princess Leia in the original trilogy of “Star
war”, was booming in his career. After a long hiatus, she starred in
the seventh episode of the franchise (“the force Awakening”), released in the past
year. See her audience and in the eighth movie premiere
scheduled for 2017 year. Besides, Carrie said a lot in the
she recently admitted her affair with Harrison Ford that took place in
a time when they both worked on the set of the first trilogy.