Звезда фильма «За бортом» вернется в кино спустя 15 лет

70-year-old Goldie hawn has started shooting the Comedy “Mother/daughter”.

She has admitted a sex symbol, played more than 30 world-famous roles, and received the award “Oscar”. And then suddenly retired from films. Many chalked it up to problems with health, others to the movie “the banger Sisters” where the actress starred in the title role. The picture then was quite coldly received by the press and failed at the box office.

But as it turned out, the holiday star was temporary. And 15 years later, Goldie will be back on the screen.

And Director, having had hawn, was Jonathan Levine (“Warm bodies, “Madness”). In the new Comedy “Mother/daughter” actress will play a divorced and neurotic mother of an adult daughter, played Amy Schumer.

In the story of the heroine hawn and Schumer are going to journey together into the Amazon, where it is forced through the jungle to get to the American Embassy.

Interestingly, the script writer Katie Dippold (“Cops in skirts”, the new “Ghostbusters”) admitted that blamed the heroine hawn with his own mother, with whom she had strained relations.

It is planned that the film will be released in 2017. By the way, hawn by the time the premiere will turn 71.

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