The star of the movie “Christmas Tree” made “dressy” kitchen remodel

Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне Galina Stakhanova has changed himself and his apartment. Actress, embodied on the screen the original female characters, became the heroine of two popular projects of the First channel. “Fashion verdict” was invented for Galina Konstantinovna new image, a “Perfect repair” has created a festive kitchen.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне

      12 Oct the most famous cinematic grandmother of our country, the actress Galina Stanovoy have turned 76 years old. The first channel decided to make actress, who played more than a dozen complex and unique female characters, a surprise. Galina Konstantinovna was invited to “Fashion verdict”, the stylists created for her a few vivid images. And the program “a Perfect repair” as a gift redid the kitchen in the apartment of Galina Stanovoy located in a residential Moscow district of Yasenevo. Here, the actress lives with her daughter and granddaughter.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне“Are you ready to host “the Perfect repairs?” asked the host of the program, Natasha Barbier Galina Stakhanov, crossing the threshold of her home. “I’m not just ready, I’m happy that you came! – said Galina Konstantinovna. -The kitchen needs your attention. Wallpaper long left behind, crumbling ceilings, linoleum is very old.”

      The main wish of the mistress to turn her little kitchen area of nine square feet to a more spacious feeling room.

      The authors of the program decided that I would create for Galina Konstantinovna elegant, festive kitchen, which will be her favorite place in the house. For a short time the room was transformed in the same way as her mistress.

      The floor of the kitchen designers made warm, put it on tiles of granite. It is a metal shade that gives the interior a stylish contemporary sound. Ceilings in the kitchen the tension did, Matt. On the walls created a coating with the effect of silk – with a special paint, which contains quartz sand. Especially interesting is the coverage looks great on the wall with a pattern, the pattern is muted and very noble. Column ventilation ducts covered with Venetian plaster, which gave the impression of marble. It is decorated by a portrait of the mistress by one of the fans. On it, the actress appears as her character from the film by Timur Bekmambetov “Christmas Tree”. For a portrait directly on the wall made designer frame, cast in plaster.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне

      The kitchen furniture was ordered in Volgograd in a creative workshop. The author of the project – designer Lyudmila Pozhidaeva. The facades of the cabinets made of natural wood and hand-coated with a thin foil. Part of the facade is decorated with mirrors, they are manually treated with sand paper to create the effect of antiquity. Countertops made of quartz agglomerate. The surface has no pores, so it is not afraid of moisture, it will not absorb accidentally spilled coffee, wine or tea, not afraid of scratches and high temperatures.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне

      The curtains adorning the window, made of fine organza with a chameleon effect. It can change color depending on the angle of view. As grabs Burgundy hair clips made of wood. Over the table hung a designer TV beige glass frame.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне

      To create comfort will elegant chandelier with linen shades, embellished with lace. Dining table with wrought iron legs that have been created in this forge. Upholstered chairs in classic Venetian style with decorative studs, legs – of wood. In a new kitchen new dishes. It is specially for Galina Stanovoy brought from France, and of fine linen napkins Natasha Barbier brought from Latvia.

      Звезда фильма «Елки» сделала «нарядный» ремонт в кухне

      Galyna came to my apartment and decided literally speechless. In the eyes of the actress from the rush of emotions brought tears.

      “I have no words, so beautiful, my God,’ said the hostess updated kitchen. – It seems that even the air became more. I can’t believe it’s mine. It’s amazing!”