Звезда «Бегущего в лабиринте» впервые станет мамой

Actress Kaya Scodelario, who became famous thanks to the TV series “Skins” and the novels “the maze Runner”, is preparing to become a mother. 24-year-old star is pregnant with first child. News about his interesting position Kai shared in the social network, which published a picture, taken on the beach.

In the pictures the husband kisses the star and keeps a hand on her rounded tummy. “Love you,” said the actress to her husband. – And love our little family”.

Звезда «Бегущего в лабиринте» впервые станет мамой

Spouse Scodelario, Benjamin Walker has posted on his page a similar post. “Great summer from the four of us,” he signed.

Note that Kaya and Benjamin to stand out a bit from the Hollywood crowd, because from quite a young age, compared to the rest, to have a baby.

We will remind, on the eve of 2015, it became known that Walker did Scodelario offer. Wedding couples took place in 2015.

By the way, to Plaza Benjamin was the husband of the daughter of Meryl Streep – Mamie Grammer. The couple married in 2011, but a year and half later the couple decided to divorce. A few months later, Walker met scodelario, and since then, the lovers are not breaking up.


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