The star of “the Matrix” announced the divorce

Звезда «Матрицы» объявил о разводе
“Morpheus” has refused to pay his wife spousal support check.

Lawrence Fishburne


56-year-old Lawrence Fishbourne, famous for its
the role of Morpheus, friend and mentor of the hero of Keanu Reeves in the franchise “the Matrix”, decided to dissolve the marriage with his wife, 49-year-old
actress Gina Torres. This is the second divorce for Fishborne that
was married to actress Haina moss, mother of his two older children.

This news came as a big disappointment for fans
actor. Because at the time, Lawrence is married to Gina for a great love. However,
as it turned out, in fact, Fishbourne and Torres decided to leave already
for a long time, they just preferred to keep this fact secret. “I have
to admit, although I do make it very difficult, we came to the conclusion that
our marriage completed last fall. None of us can blame yourself or
another in the collapse of our marriage. Just the end of our love story turned out to be
suck not like we both ever expected… But we will not cease
to be a family, and we will still be together with love to raise our daughter Delilah.
We will try to keep the love and respect to each other, and although we won’t
more together, we make decisions regarding our child together.” Torres said.

In the divorce documents indicate that they agree
to arrange joint custody of 10-year-old Delilah. However, in his statement, Fishbourne said: he
not going to pay your wife spousal maintenance. As the official
the reasons for the divorce is listed as-usual “irreconcilable differences”.