Звезда «Великолепного века» напугала фотографией новорожденной дочери
Meriem Userli nostalgic.

Photo: Instagram

The role of Hürrem from the TV series “Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli became a mother almost 4 years ago. Her daughter Lara, the actress started to show recently. The girl is not very similar to his famous mother, but all fans agree: the girl is a real beauty!

Recently Meriem published in a personal blog a photo of that time when Lara was not yet a month. It girl looks, to put it mildly, strange. Fans even thought it was a doll. And some carefully specified, all was in order with the girl…

It is interesting that already then it became clear that Lara had inherited from her mother a rare eye color. From Meriem — they’re blue with splashes of green. “As the sea!”— admired by the fans.

Meriem is raising her daughter alone. She never suffered from lack of male attention, but the biggest love story in her life didn’t end well. Her favorite person, businessman Jan Atash, abandoned her when he learned that the actress is expecting a child. When the baby was born, he changed his temper justice with mercy and said he was ready to support Meriem financial.