The star of “the Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli has changed beyond recognition

Звезда «Великолепного века» Мерьем Узерли изменилась до неузнаваемости The actress showed looked like 11 years ago. The star of the show, famous for her role as Hürrem Sultan, decided to surprise fans of the frames of the youth.
Звезда «Великолепного века» Мерьем Узерли изменилась до неузнаваемости

“Magnificent century” was released in 2011 and immediately brought worldwide fame and recognition to the entire team. One of the main roles was performed by 33-year-old Meriem Uzerli. The blonde immediately caught the fancy of viewers and became the most recognizable persona of the project.

However, few people know the woman looked like before he became a favorite of millions. The star has decided to please followers of the microblog photos taken long before the release of the Turkish TV series. She has published photographs that it is difficult to know. It turned out that previously, the preferred celebrity brown hair color modern bright tones. Fans of the actress also said that in his youth Meriem was somewhat slimmer than now.

However, subscribers Uzerli unanimously decided that beauty was very charming at age 22, and was delighted from the appearance of the idol on the frame. Some of them, not hiding feelings, quite emotionally commented on the publication.

“You are amazing! Incredibly cute! Love you very much!”, “You super!”, “The best! Then and now”, “over the years only become more beautiful. An incredible woman. Just great!” – they wrote.

It is also worth noting that a small portion of the fans asked the actress to return to the old way and think about filming unusual for spectators . They assured favorite heroine, before her appearance was no less attractive. Despite this, happy as Meriem was many times more. Users of the social network are confident that this reincarnation went to her only benefit. They also stressed that in delight from the blonde.

By the way, the extra pounds Uzerli just impossible to catch. She has extremely slim figure and tries to maintain excellent physical shape, despite the busy schedule and raising a little girl. The woman quite often pleases followers in Instagram photo shoot, which show in short dresses and shorts, emphasizing her dignity. In addition, a celebrity manages not to forget about sports training and nutrition. In the diet of the actress only healthy food.

Interestingly, the published archival images of stars made a splash on the Network. Now fans are asked to share favorite scenes from her childhood and adolescence.