The star of “the Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli afraid for heir

Звезда «Великолепного века» Мерьем Узерли боится за наследницу The actress spoke about how having a child changed her life. In recognition Meriem, under the influence of her daughter she looked at everything in a new way. So, the daughter of a celebrity made her sharper to feel love and fear. Uzerli also spoke about what she would like to teach Lara.

      33-year-old star of TV series “Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli – mom charming of two girls Lara. The artist loves his daughter and thinks that her appearance has completely changed her life. Not so long ago, Meriem met with the correspondents of one of the glossy magazines to give interviews about his personal life.

      In recognition Meriem, Lara has taught her a lot. Like any mother, celebrity wish your daughter all the best. After the girl was born, Uzerli the beginning of a different attitude to life.

      “With the appearance of Lara, I discovered a new region in your heart. I became keener to feel love and to feel good, I learned what real love and fear. I realized that I nothing can permanently and deeply depressed, or cause prolonged stress. I’m relaxed and in harmony with itself. I feel happy,” shared the star.

      Reporters asked Userl to share what she would like to teach Lara. In the first place Meriem wants her daughter to feel valued as a person. The heiress actress should also know that she can always count on my mom. In addition, according to the artist, everyone should love themselves, to look at life positively and not be afraid of failures. Any mistakes, I’m sure the star, only builds character.

      “I want the daughter I was sure in my life and trust the world, because it will keep her heart pure. My big dream is to see her happy, and the biggest fear is to see her unhappy,” – said the artist.

      The full interview with Meriem, visit the website of Marie Claire: Meriem Uzerli: “I have enough to be part of a great story”

      Recall that Lara was born in February 2014. The child’s father, a Turkish businessman Gian Ates. Celebrity extremely painful experienced a separation from him. She stated that Atesh ordered her to have an abortion. The man himself refused to comment on this topic. Uzerli later told reporters that ex-boyfriend stole her a large sum of money and fled to Mexico. However, despite all problems in relations with Jan, Meriem believes that every experience teaches something. Through similar situations, told the actress, everyone will know better.