Звезда Первого канала родила дочку
Host of the show “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova for the first time became a mother

Звезда Первого канала родила дочку

Svetlana Abramova with her husband Anton

Host of the show
“10 years younger” on the First channel, 31-year-old Svetlana Abramova, gave birth to a daughter!
A happy event the young mother said in Instagram. Svetlana had a baby
baby and unveiled her name is Nicole.

The child’s father — the husband of Svetlana, Anton Larsen. He is not
public identity. By education he is a nuclear physicist, working in the field
microelectronics. The couple were married last summer
in Saint-Petersburg — in the city where there was their acquaintance. And the triumph
on the occasion of the wedding, the couple staged a little later in Barvikha.

With her future husband Svetlana met about four years ago. In the beginning
summer, walking in the Northern capital, the presenter along with a friend went to a cafe under
the symbolic name of “Happiness”.

According to Svetlana, a young man in a suit and a white shirt ran in
cafe for a quick drink coffee, but I saw Abramov and between them “slipped one
the spark”: since the lovers are inseparable. First they met, then began
to live together, and last fall, a fully equipped family nest.