Звезда фильма «Любить человека» рассказала, почему бросила сына Lyubov Virolainen even in his youth, became a star of Soviet cinema. Despite a brilliant career, the actress was not lucky in his personal life. She survived the divorce and feelings for a married man, and later the need to leave the son with the father for the sake of new love. The actress admitted that hard to tolerate separation, and to establish a relationship with the heir could only recently.
Звезда фильма «Любить человека» рассказала, почему бросила сына

“Apple tree” of the famous children’s story “new adventures of Masha and Viti” is remembered and loved not only the little ones but also the older generation. 77-year-old actress in his youth was a real beauty, and she was continually invited to the most striking role. She became the star of the films “to Love man” and “Eternal call”, but before to win Union recognition, she had to endure many tests.

The first husband of the actress became a translator Yuri Virolainen. From him the actress gave birth to a son Yuri, who in the future went in the footsteps of famous mom. Lyubov recalls that her husband’s family-FINA was dominated by strict morals, where the wife used “as a horse, and the man she kicked around”.

Soon the relationship between the spouses began to deteriorate rapidly. The only link was the son for whose sake the actress from last forces tried to save the marriage.

Everything changed when the law met with the famous film Director Sergei Gerasimov. Between the artist and the master broke novel, despite the fact that both had families.

“I don’t know if he told anyone about it, but he really wanted children, he wanted their child. A girl even though the boy, it then had a foster son Arthur. And I have never had a father. One had the feeling that I am his child,” recalls Gerasimova Love Ivanovna.
Звезда фильма «Любить человека» рассказала, почему бросила сына

According to Virolainen, both understood that you will not be able to be together – the condemnation of the public pressed on lovers. And despite the passion, the actress chose another man. A chance meeting in the hospital with a heart surgeon Alexander Sorina again radically changed her life. According to Virolainen, she was quick to leave and Gerasimova, wife and son.

“Gerasimov let me go and said, “I’m worried about you”. I found a man who was looking for”, – told the artist.

The actress’s son remained with his father, and took seriously the care of the mother from the family. “So I take a knife and put a man a wound, then ask for forgiveness? I left him and his father in the apartment, which gave Gerasimov. Of course, I visited them then. Drove school Yuri, cooked dinner, fed him after school. And then went to her husband,” shared Virolainen.

Former husband of the star do not create families. In 46 years Yuri died of a heart attack. And the son found the strength to forgive her mother only a few decades later. “Still have some pain and distance between us,” said the actress.

The love of Ivanovna admitted that he found happiness only with Alexander Zorin. They have not born children, but, according to the actress, lived with him every day was filled with love. Now the man who underwent the 4th stroke, paralyzed. But Virolainen refused to hire nurses, preferring each day to spend caring for loved ones.