Звезде фильма «Дивергент» грозит тюрьма

Shailene Woodley is facing up to two months in prison and a fine of 3 thousand dollars.

That’s how it is: today you’re the star on top, and tomorrow’s the prisoner. Shailene Woodley starred in the film “Divergent”, accused of involvement in an unauthorized protest against the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota.

This construction for various reasons not satisfied local residents. For example, the Indians do not agree with the location – line shall pass through the sacred area. What’s in the pipeline personally do not like Shailene Woodley is unknown. But surely she had good reasons to, along with 26 participants to take part in the protest March.

Unfortunately, nothing good is for her is not over. The construction is not canceled and even adjusted his plan, but the actress along with associates on 10 October the police arrested.

In January 2017 Woodley will appear before the court. Demonstrators, including actress, faces a prison sentence of up to two months and a fine of three thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, the new pipe will transport oil to Illinois. According to the site “Morning.ru”, the cost of building the pipeline is estimated at $ 3.8 billion.