The star of “the big Bang Theory” for the first time became a mother

Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» впервые стала мамой
The actress is happy that it still managed to get the baby.

Звезда «Теории большого взрыва» впервые стала мамой

Melissa Rausch


37-year-old actress Melissa Rauch,
known for his role in the popular TV series “the big Bang Theory” where
she played one of the main characters, finally gave birth to her first child.

“I feel over the moon and happy
to report that the light appeared to my beautiful daughter Sadie. Our hearts are ready to explode, so
they are filled with happiness and love!” — so the actress has announced that for the first time
became a mother. The girl’s father was the writer Winston Rauch, whose wife
Melissa began in 2007.

By the way, Melissa says she
happy “twice”: firstly because it had long and ardently longed for a child. And
secondly because it was given to her is very difficult. The fact that last
the pregnant actress ended tragically. “I lost my baby and me
absorbed depression. Before my eyes was tormenting me picture: image
my motionless, already dead child. His heart, which until recently
beat stopped… I was wondering when swept me longing begin
to weaken, but she insisted. Each new message about pregnancy other
women I felt like a knife in the heart. “Why can they, but I can’t?!” I wondered without end…” —
admitted at the time, Melissa

So now, when she finally managed not
only to get pregnant again, but also to convey
child, she her happiness simply has no limits — says the actress. “I was very
the hard way and I wish all of you who have yet to pass it, good luck!”

Melissa Rausch with her husband