Звезда «Большого взрыва» готовится к бракосочетанию
Kaley cuoco planned a “farm” wedding.

Kaley cuoco with her fiancé Carl cook


32-year-old kaley cuoco, star of “the big Bang Theory”, is in
joyful anticipation. She is preparing for her wedding with her fiancé, millionaire Carl cook. When and where
held her marriage, the actress has not yet revealed. But it has already
to announce that is going to use somehow in the ceremony, your entire
“the menagerie”.

As told Kaylee, she plans to “farm” wedding. Actress,
which has many four-legged Pets, announced that none of its
animals will not remain “behind the scenes”. Incidentally, in a country estate, where they live, Kayleigh and Carl,
currently, there is a whole “zoo”. “We now have about fifty
horses, 6 dogs, 5 rabbits… We feel a real farmer!” —
said the actress.

As you know, main passion cuoco — horse.
Kaylee has long and enthusiastically involved in equestrian sport, and thanks
he and she met her groom. Because Carl, as she is beautiful
rider, and they met at competitions in equestrian sport. But since
since cook began Dating cuoco,
he was filled with love and the other “smaller brothers”. In any case, he, like
his beloved, delighted with two rabbits albino, which
compassionate actress recently brought home from the animal shelter.

We will remind, Roman Kayleigh and Carl began in the spring of 2016. And
the beginning of December 2017 cuoco announced that she became a bride. As admitted
the actress, when he suddenly got down on one knee and asked her to be his
wife, she was so shocked that surprise burst into tears. And
Cook managed to capture on the phone as she, through tears said: “Well, now we
engaged!”. “Wait, you haven’t answered me, do you agree?” — interrupted her
Carl. “Yes! Yes, of course, I agreed!” replied Kaylee.