The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina: “my Husband beat me”

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина: «Муж меня избивал» The psychic told the shocking details of relationship with former spouse. Tatyana Larina admitted that he had beaten the once loved one. Now after breakup she is going to contact the police to bring him to justice for his actions.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина: «Муж меня избивал»

In early September it became known that participant of the project “Diary of psychic” on TV channel TV-3 Tatyana Larina broke up with her husband Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. Clairvoyant did not disclose the causes of the conflict with her husband, which led to the rupture. But now there is information that the man behaved outrageously in relation to the sweetheart – he raised a hand to her, and demanded money. “StarHit” contacted Larina. A psychic was not easy to talk about personal life. However, she reported that decided not to leave unpunished the actions of the former employee. Tatyana Larina about the divorce: “I buried the past life”

“My husband beat me. Several times. It lasted a year. I was hoping he would change, but the miracle did not happen. I want to punish him for his violence and prepared a statement to the police,” – said Tatiana “StarHit”.

A clairvoyant does not hide that she was difficult to decide on such a step. She plucked up courage after a breakup, when a little recovered. Larina and Mitkevich-dalecki lived together for two years. Fans believed a couple of very harmonious and beautiful. However, in April of this year, Tatiana caught a spouse, make merry in the company of strangers, in your own home. The psychic was shocked to the core by such behavior on the part of the husband. This was the last straw in their relationship. Psychic Tatiana Larina settled in the apartment of the artist of the Mariinsky theatre

“Olicom it’s over and I want to forget this nightmare. I wish I had a happy family, and a new man who will love me and respect, – said Tatiana. – I’m starting a new life and madly want changes in everything.”

Fans couldn’t believe that in a pair there such a serious conflict. They hoped that the couple will be able to find the strength to make peace, but that did not happen. Tatyana dreams as soon as possible to forget the nightmare she had to endure in the relationship with her ex-husband. She confidently looks forward and begins a new life. “I can’t say that I am very upset. No matter what anyone wanted, everyone would still get a divorce. Love for life does not exist… In Christianity there is monogamy, and it’s wrong. Man is an animal he can’t live with one person. Stories about love to the grave – not true, because the physics still works”, – says Larin.