The star of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova fulfilled the dream of the youngest son

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Николь Кузнецова исполнила мечту младшего сына The white witch has shared with “StarHit” the pictures from the day of birth of Stepan. Nicole told me what extraordinary abilities the child has. According to Kuznetsova, the boy talks like an adult, so he can speak on any topic.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Николь Кузнецова исполнила мечту младшего сына

Nicole Kuznetsova became famous after participating in “Battle of the psychics.” The white witch has two sons: Egor and Stepan. The other day the youngest child was six years old. The star in the most mystical show staged in honor of the birthday child’s special day and said “StarHit” the boy is surprised outside people.

“Although he looks like a funny kid that is smart, watchful and, I would say, Mature people. You can talk to him on any topic he sees through the bull. Already in two years he said one adult: “In your place I would be silent!” And indeed, when Stepan says the other is better to keep your mouth shut,” said Nicole.

According to Kuznetsova, the day of the birth of an heir was celebrated twice: in a narrow family circle with children from the kindergarten.

“Styopik – affectionate son and grandson, a loving brother, reliable friend; it is all appreciated. This year abandoned the bright, but obviously the chemical cakes with fondant. Birthday cake with ingredients from the farm; he had a kind of pizza – with sausage, mushrooms and olives, you know? This culinary masterpiece was painted by hand for a few hours. The quality of life of children is very important for us,” said the witch.

According to Nicole, the Barrens congratulated media personalities, including from the world of magic, they gave him greetings. The star’s mother said that the son possesses an extraordinary mind and good physical performance. “Some friends of the family of well-known athletes have felt the power of his Boxing gloves: Stepan delivered a blow and a sharp reaction,” said Kuznetsova.

“Youngest son still shows no interest in extrasensory perception: for him it is important now to take their place among the people; he is very smart and will never “cave in under the changeable world”. And my oldest son, 9-year-old George is a born psychic; he’s this will surprise all when we at the family Council, decide that the time has come,” said the white witch.

Nicole noticed that the celebration was in style of the quest in which you could try to make chemical opitai to play with the animators. According to Kuznetsova, the modern children is very difficult to surprise, but we should try sometimes to do so: there should always be a place for fairy tale and new knowledge.

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