The star of “the battle of psychics” Hope Shevchenko spoke frankly about alcoholism

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Надежда Шевченко откровенно заговорила об алкоголизме Participant of the new season of the popular program showed itself in a new way. In the last episode she spoke about the difficult period in his life. Shevchenko suffered from addiction and have experienced the betrayal of a loved one. Trying to get back at him, a witch placed a curse on him.

      On Saturday on TNT revealed the new series of season 17 of “the battle of psychics.” According to the results of transmission among the best was a witch from St. Petersburg Nadezhda Shevchenko. She was not only able to see the suffering of the guest of the program, but also to encourage her. Hope was a lot in common with a woman suffering from alcoholism. Shevchenko admitted that she once suffered from addiction. After the test psychic was plunged into memories and wept.

      What do we know about “the many faces of a witch” the Hope of Shevchenko

      “I saw twelve years ago. I almost forgot about it, but the feeling can’t match. Pros***ing life with nothing to confuse. I had for ten years… I was such a story – the stood pregnancy, and the meanness of a man I loved. I was there foolishly and damage to his navel, then took off. She returned to me. I got lost so that was scary,” said Nadezhda Shevchenko in the program “Battle of psychics.”

      The guest of the program confirmed the speculation of Shevchenko. “You are absolutely right. I have depression, loneliness, and I calmed down with the help of alcohol.

      Hope Shevchenko also shared how she managed to climb out of depression and cope with alcoholism. Program participants were affected. As it turned out, the psychic does not believe that addiction can overcome magic. According to the witches, the main thing – motivation. “Get me out son. And nothing stopping you, it’s dangerous”, – said Shevchenko to the guests transfer. Later, the woman confessed to leading that she liked Hope.

      Fans of “the battle of psychics” was supported by Shevchenko and congratulated her on a well-deserved victory. According to many viewers, the Hope is one of the strongest psychics in the new season of the popular project. “Well done, this series did well”, “You’re the best”, “Strong”, “Hooray, wait, you deserve it”, “Finally!”, – discussed social media users.

      Recall that a radical peterburzhenka Hope Shevchenko is keen on psychic most of my life. The woman claims that she can communicate with dead people, which he calls “dead shadows.” About privacy Shevchenko knows that she’s divorced and has a son. She married in 18 children, but the marriage was not long. The witch said that he collapsed because of the age of the newlyweds.