Звезде «Битвы экстрасенсов» Фатиме Хадуевой изуродовали лицо A year ago sneznaya made an unsuccessful operation to correct the nasal septum. The procedure entailed negative consequences of Fatima for more than six months passed the swelling, pain, the nose began to change shape, and there was likely a blood infection. Now the star of the show “Diary of psychic” preparing for re-surgery.
Звезде «Битвы экстрасенсов» Фатиме Хадуевой изуродовали лицо

Every woman wants to be beautiful, whether she is a housewife, an athlete or a famous psychic. But from medical mistakes no one is immune, even those who can see the future and to Mature root.

The star of the show “Diary of psychic” Fatima Khadueva went to the doctor to correct the nasal septum. A simple operation turned to celebrity nightmare. She began to have severe pain, swelling, was inflammation, there is a risk of blood poisoning. But the worst, the nose was not beautiful, but rather changed shape and maximally curved.

Fatima turned back to the doctors, it turned out terrible – the surgeon during the first procedure left in the body of the star foreign object.

Now Khadueva in National mediko-surgical center N. I. Pirogov, she’s already had one surgery and she is preparing for a new surgical procedures to regain the health and beauty.

Звезде «Битвы экстрасенсов» Фатиме Хадуевой изуродовали лицо“I hope I’m in good hands! Many of you have noticed that my face has changed. Or rather, a nose… Rhinoplasty, I did not. A year ago, addressed to “specialist” with a question: will it be possible ever to align the nasal septum? Well, you guessed it, he said Yeah, piece of cake… In the end, the septum was still crooked, adhesions formed infiltration and mowing the nose completely, a year of pain and discomfort, plus a Permanent inflammatory process. I very carefully, as he said, waited 6 months. Came with a request to know what’s going on… the Answer struck me: can stick on the other side for symmetry, or wait another 6 months, maybe will resolve…. Dear doctor cleared! But on the contrary lie in purulent Department of maxillofacial surgery… Managed to prevent the blood infection, maybe meningitis… And by the way, found Something for you “leveled” nose! Is a foreign body my body the whole year trying to push out of me! I think the patient should know what to do, and what can face… for Two weeks the hospital! Two operations! And a lot of manipulation… And after three weeks, if all goes well the third operation…” – shared with subscribers of Fatima Khadueva.
Звезде «Битвы экстрасенсов» Фатиме Хадуевой изуродовали лицо

Psychic, trapped in a difficult life situation, support members and famous friends. “What a mess, Patimokkha! Hang in there, honey!” – cheered Katya LEL. “Petechka, I’m with you! Get well soon,” wrote Nadia Handle.

The star of the show “Battle of psychics” 46 years old, she is from Makhachkala, and became famous thanks to the unusual abilities on the TV show of channel TNT, becoming a finalist in season 13. In addition, in 2013 the seer participated in the show “Island”, and later wrote a book of memories about this project. The psychic was married several times, now it is free and has three children – their daughters and nephew, whom he adopted after his sister died.