The star of “the battle of psychics” detained at the airport security

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» задержан в аэропорту службой безопасности
Nikita Turchin was removed from the flight.

Nikita Turchin

Photo: Instagram

The youngest participant of “Battle of psychics”, 17-year-old Nikita
Turchin was detained by the security service of the Ufa airport. In the Luggage of a psychic
found a huge bunch of keys weighing about two pounds — it
professional attribute. “Passing through the screening area, I gave my hand
the Luggage to the security officer of the airport, — has shared with “StarHit”
Nikita. — He I was detained. We said, can’t let you on Board
the plane in your bag is a huge piece of metal. And this is forbidden”.

An airport employee put him before a choice: or he
leave the keys at the airport, or it is removed from the flight. Turchin chose the latter, so
as this bunch is a professional attribute of the magician, without which he can not
to do the work. The incident psychic incredibly upset, because in Moscow
where was supposed to Nikita, he planned a lot of things. “I would not even
managed to hand off the keys, — it is upset says Nikita. — And what would I do without
them? I work with them… In the end, waved to the plane of the handle, now I think that
to do. Will have to contact the College in which studying,
to explain why again are absent in the lectures. Teachers and so called
me “appearance of Christ to the people.” And the money do not want to lose in one
the end is about 15 thousand. I went to the airport authority with a request
at least partially reimburse the cost, but I refused.”

The star of the popular TV show says that repeatedly
flew with this set of keys and he has never before this case not
there were no problems.