The star of “the battle of psychics” Denis Vysotsky preparing for the wedding

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Денис Высоцкий готовится к свадьбе The young man told about an important event. As it turned out, Denis Vysotsky decided to register the relationship with the beloved. The other day he did the second half of the offer hands and hearts. Details of the marriage ceremony, Vysotsky is still unknown.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Денис Высоцкий готовится к свадьбе

22-year-old former member of the “the battle of psychics” and co-host of Fatima Khadueva in the show “Diary of psychic” Denis Vysotsky is going to legalize the relationship with the beloved. As he told a young man, he made a proposal to his girlfriend. Instagram Denis has pictures on which he is depicted with a luxurious bouquet of red and white roses.

In the words of Vladimir Vysotsky, he was going through before you decide on an important step. However, the medium still managed to pull myself together and overcome the excitement. Apparently, the beloved Dennis was delighted with tokens from his side and said to the chosen one’s consent.

“I can sincerely congratulate but you can judge me for all I care. I made the most serious and responsible step in every man’s life. The wedding to be. Was afraid of much. But I have become a real man. If you do offer, especially the only one in my life, forever. I made my choice and will remember this day,” – said Vysotsky.
Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Денис Высоцкий готовится к свадьбе

Fans of Denis congratulated him on this important event and wished them long years of a joint life with second half. “Well done, keep it up”, “Yay, wedding”, “Real man”, “what pull? Do children”, “Be happy”, “Waiting for a photo of the bride”, “Let it be forever,” commented social media users.

Subscribers Vysotsky have noticed that he is happy in the relationship. Former member of the mystical show repeatedly dedicated favorite posts in a microblog. Dennis gave to understand that he is very serious. “Why do I teach her to shoot? She so bad got straight to the heart,” he wrote a few days ago. Apparently, the girl mage vs publicity. The pictures at the Instagram Vysotsky she prefers to hide his face.

“Between the two there are always obstacles: time, distances, attitudes, habits, people. And if the two are still drawn to each other, then these barriers become very strong bond. Everything that is not separating us, makes us closer,” said Denis, with the publication hashtags “happiness”, “relationship” and “joy”.

Previously attributed to psychic communication with the star of “House-2” Liberi Kadono and even Nicole Kuznetsova. In December 2016 Denis surprising many fans by becoming a member of telestroke. The young man stated that it came to Maya Dontsova. MAG argued that the young blonde had captured his heart. “I liked her immediately, I had a desire to meet this girl,” – said Vysotsky. However, after some time, he left the perimeter, citing family circumstances.

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