The star of “the Bachelor” thinks about Batrutdinov, and marries another

Звезда «Холостяка» думает о Батрутдинове, а выходит за другого

Galina Rzhaksinsky on the eve of such an important moment in the life of every girl suddenly remembered about rejected its resident Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov.

Before the anniversary it is accepted to sum up the past life and before the wedding some look back on their single years. Seen and Galina Rzhaksinsky – finalist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor,” which just recently married, decided before the celebration walk through the former. Or rather one of them, who almost broke her heart.

If you haven’t guessed, it Timur Batrutdinov – the main character of the third “the Bachelor,” which at the end of the show traded Galya Darya Kanawha, and after the project continued courtship of her, fooling two girls and built a relationship with any one nor the other.

Now in life Rzhaksinsky everything is fine. Galina is preparing for her wedding with a young man named Eugene, not related to the Russian show-business.

Last weekend, the bride has already celebrated her bachelorette party and now searching for the wedding dress and the organization of the celebration. And here in this pleasant pre-wedding bustle Galya suddenly remembers… about Timur.

Fans were surprised upon seeing the tape Rzhaksinsky among romantic photos with her future husband an old video from the show “the Bachelor.” It depicts the moment when the Batrutdinov came to meet the parents of Gali.

“This morning I signed video former contestant of the show. — As Timur said, it’s too good to be true. That’s what my family and friend. Thank you for being there”.

I wanted this video to say Galina is not clear. Show your family? So you can also take pictures, why rake up the past? We can only guess, not offended if the groom-to-girl for her nostalgia for the former? And something else will get jealous and call off the wedding! But we hope, of course, on his understanding.

That’s good morning I like Timur said, it’s too good to be true, that’s what my family and friend thank you have a #family #segurado #westamerica #TNT #bachelor #buduschaya

Video posted by Galina Raxevsky (@senoritagalo) Oct 25 2016 12:27 PDT