The star of “the Bachelor,” Galina Rzhaksinsky expecting a baby

Звезда «Холостяка» Галина Ржаксенская ждет ребенка Finalist of the reality show picks a name for an unborn baby. Now Galina Rzhaksinsky preparing for motherhood. After the wedding the couple had planned to make summer a Grand celebration, however, because of the pregnant girls they will have to postpone the celebration.
Звезда «Холостяка» Галина Ржаксенская ждет ребенка

The fifth of November last year finalists show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky was married to her beloved Eugene Gromov. Young people got married in the registry office, and the Grand triumph decided to make in the summer. However, now they have to postpone the celebration – as it turned out, now the reality star is expecting a child. For spouses, this news was a real surprise, as they didn’t think it will happen soon. Galina admitted that she did not want to be on the triumph were visible rounded tummy.

“We wanted to have children, however, thought that it would happen after a big summer wedding. Decided that the celebration we move, but we don’t. A celebration pregnant do not want”, – said Rzhaksinsky “StarHit”.
Звезда «Холостяка» Галина Ржаксенская ждет ребенка

Galina recalled how spoke about the upcoming replenishment in the family of her husband. She did not immediately tell the good news and decided to prepare a surprise. At a family celebration, all the guests learned that soon the couple will become parents.

“My mom had a birthday, the wife’s parents also came to visit. As a gift, I invited a group of Gypsies, so they congratulated my mom. They sang and danced, and then approached my Wife to tell fortunes by the hand. Gypsy said we have eight months later a baby. I at that time really was pregnant. Everyone was happy, the husband started to carry. My parents have no grandchildren, so they cried with joy,” recalled Galina.

Now the finalist of the third season of the Dating show “the Bachelor” is on the fifth month of pregnancy. Thus, already in autumn Rzhaksinsky for the first time will become a mother. Now the expectant parents is a difficult task – to choose a name for the future baby. Despite the fact that Galina and Eugene have a lot of time to make the decision, their doubts.

“We already know the sex of the baby, but I want to keep it a secret, – said the former participant of a reality show. We have difficult to determine the name. We want to name the baby so that the soul was taking. In my environment, few people know about my pregnancy, I did not apply”.