Звезда «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина избавилась от пагубного пристрастия The girl replied to critics who are attacking her on social networks after each release of the romantic project. Many believe that Daria Klyukina gives the younger generation a negative example. As it turned out, the model still managed to follow the advice Yegor creed.
Звезда «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина избавилась от пагубного пристрастия

23-year-old contestant on “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina is one of the favorites Yegor creed. The model is known to the public thanks to the previous season of the project by Ilya Glinnikov, a large number of fans that tipped the victory to her. If they’re right, time will tell. However, this past Sunday, fans of Daria were pretty nervous. The fact that Yegor Klucina sent home, despite his sympathy for the girl.

The reason for the complaints creed was the promise given to him by Belle. Daria swore the actor that quit Smoking for him but he did not keep his word. Therefore, the performer described her act as a betrayal.

Daria recently told fans that no longer buy cigarettes. As it turned out, after each of the ether to the girl receive a large number of messages with the charges. The audience feel that Lukinoj should quit Smoking, and Express her indignation. According to many, the model delivers another negative example. Daria acknowledged this and stated that she was able to overcome the habit.

“Yes, my life was cigarettes. Yes, it was my moments of weakness or even stupidity, I am only human with their flaws and bad habits. The main thing here is the way you fight with them. For me the story of cigarettes is over, health is dearer to me! And I’m glad that habit anymore. I managed to overcome it and believe that all those who read me and also wants to get rid of bad habits, everything will work out! Smoking is harmful for health and long out of fashion!” – shared the girl.

Users of social networks supported Darya and congratulated on the fact that she managed to get herself under control. “All done correctly. People learn from mistakes”, “Too good to spoil yourself with cigarettes. Glad you turned out to be better”, “Good”, “Start to respect you more,” “it is Good that the Council Yegor helped you”, – commented the fans of the model.

At the same time, some have decided that in such a short period of time difficult to get rid of such bad habit, and Klucina suspected of insincerity. In their opinion, the hardest challenge is not to overreact when they quit Smoking.

Recall that in the final of the seventh edition of Egor Krid decided to go after Daria left the perimeter. According to the artist, he never changed his mind, but only wanted to dot the “i”. Creed decided that he needed to talk to the girl.