The star of the 70s Galina Nenasheva was brought to tears repairs in the apartment

Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире A forgotten singer incredibly touched by the attention to her. The once popular singer has received a magnificent gift from the program “a Perfect repair”. Lounge Galina Nenasheva turned into unusual futuristic room.
Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире

Singer Galina Nenasheva shone on the stage in the 70-ies of the last century and was extremely popular. In the 90s the talent of the performer ceased to be in demand. However, she later returned to the stage – now 76-year-old Galina Nenasheva again gives concerts, which continues to captivate the audience with his unique vocals. The program “a Perfect repair” has decided to present a gift to the singer, equip the living room in her apartment.

Galina Nenasheva big happy family and three wonderful grandchildren who love to visit my beloved grandmother and gather around a large Banquet table. Loved the room serves multiple roles – it is a living room, a dining room, a place for rest, sleep and store things. Galina Nenasheva admitted leading a “Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier, which has long been dreaming to properly organize the living space.

Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире“I often watch your program and think: “I wish I had the same repairs done to your professionals!” This room is very important to me, and I wish she was in the modern style,” expressed the wish Galina Nenasheva.
Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире

The authors concluded that is stylish, fashionable and loving jewelry the singer does not like a forgotten star. So it was decided that repair and the living room will become Nenasheva – the same bright and bold.

Designers have realized the wish of the owner of the apartment and created in the room practical modern interior with light notes of classical subjects. The dominant shades of the chosen light pastel and the abundance of noble white. Complements a range of delicate pink and blue. The main stress element and the Central composition of the whole concept was unusual holographic design in the wall that hides another storage system and a TV.

The perimeter of the room install the system “Warm plinth”, which will allow to heat the living room in the offseason when you shut off the Central heating.

The highlight of the interior is unusual glass furniture pattern, resembling a ripple. Lightweight white design will allow visually enlarge the space and add natural lighting.

The Central place was occupied by a large sofa with a pull-out system that allows him to transform into a full bed. Window organized dining area. A small coffee table easily unfolds and becomes large, which can accommodate the whole family Galina Nenasheva.

Bright accent of the room – chairs, upholstered in turquoise velvet with terracotta edging. Landscape architects proposed for the project is stabilized eucalyptus in bright red pots. Such a tree does not wither and does not require irrigation. Another element of the decor – aluminum wall clock. Their creators were inspired by the plates with house numbers on English streets.

Galina Nenasheva incredibly touched and repairs in the living room, and attentive designers to her wishes.

Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире“It is so great, Natasha! – turned to Natasha Barbier singer. – Very impressive. Finally, my heavenly life begin! Even want to love! You have no idea how grateful I am. I have no doubt that everything will work out, but that will be the case, I had no idea. Thank you for this amazing gift. I’m going to cry”.

Звезду 70-х Галину Ненашеву довел до слез ремонт в квартире