The star of “Teacher” Sophia Reisman came out of the wife

Звезда «Физрука» Софья Райзман перестала скрывать супруга The actress, who for a long time preferred to avoid talking about his personal life, has shared important news with journalists. As it turned out, Sophia Reisman legalized relationship with a colleague Ruslan Bytovym. The young people working in the theatre.
Звезда «Физрука» Софья Райзман перестала скрывать супруга

27-year-old Sophia Reisman, the star of the sequel of the series “Fizruk”. The actress played the role of the beloved hero Dmitry Nagiyev Thomas. About the personal life of Sophia not much is known. According to some, the girl has a boyfriend.

In a recent interview, Reisman shared that she married boyfriend, actor Ruslan Bratov. Young people play in the same theatre. In recognition of Sophia, they with Ruslan did not get tired from each other. Wedding artists held in 2016.

“We Ruslan Bytovym got married last year. And you know, for a long time were first classmates, then got together in the theatre, and from there also went to the Moscow art theatre”, – said the actress.
Звезда «Физрука» Софья Райзман перестала скрывать супруга

In everyday life, Sophia is not wearing a wedding ring. The girl is afraid to lose it on set or before play. In recognition of Reisman, this often happens with it. “Anything less than credit card, I have briefly delayed, and itself disappears” – shared the star of the series “Fizruk”.

Reisman is convinced she has a wonderful relationship with her husband. Actors understand each other perfectly. Sofia and Ruslan did not plan together to build a career, but it happened. Recently my Brother tried his hand at directing. Spouse Reisman directed a short film “LALY-Balala”, which is noted at the festival “Kinotavr”. The girl did not exclude that in the future will work with the chosen one.

“I have already visited Ruslan in the frame when he took off one small job, and I really liked working with him,” shared Sofia.

During the conversation with reporters Reisman spoke about the filming of the series “Fizruk”. According to the girl, she sincerely enjoyed working with such stars as Dmitry Nagiyev and Viktor Sukhorukov. Thanks to them, Sophia learned a lot. The girl told that Sukhorukov often shared tales, which all listened with bated breath, and Nagiev could turn any scene, even a love, in the direction of farce.

“Dmitry is constantly “split” me in the video, I couldn’t, because after all, a ridiculous situation: the first shooting days, love scene around a lot of people in the room stuffy. But, first, for a film that might even be useful – we’ve got an easy genre. Secondly, it is a tactic Nagiyev, to emancipate partner” – shared the actress with the magazine “7 days”.