The star of “Teacher” Polina grents decided on an erotic photo shoot

Звезда «Физрука» Полина Гренц решилась на эротическую фотосессию The actress was surprised by the bold frame in which she is depicted in her underwear. Fans were delighted with the form where is Polina grents. To keep yourself in good shape, she is at the gym and goes to the detox program.
Звезда «Физрука» Полина Гренц решилась на эротическую фотосессию

23-year-old Polina grents, who played the role Sasha Mamaeva in the series “Teacher”, has pleased fans with a new photoshoot. She posted in a social networking frame that she is depicted in her underwear. “Someday I’ll be important. But not now,” these mysterious words Pauline signed the publication.

Subscribers actress was delighted with the picture and found that it looks amazing. “Wow”, “Beauty”, “Incomparable”, “they Say, if you look at this photo, you can see window”, “Fire”, “Spring has come”, commented by the users of social networks.

Slim figure of Pauline – the result of work on oneself. The actress often has been in the gym and talks about his achievements in social networks. Many viewers still associate the girl with her character of “Teacher”. For the role grents had much better. The actress leaned on buns, ice cream, bacon and chocolate. Pauline said that the weight gain was associated with the emergence of some difficulties – shortness of breath and feeling of heaviness.

The role Sasha Mamaeva was the debut grents in the movie. When we were shooting the first season, the actress’s weight was 68 kilograms. She faced the negative discussions on social networks. Critics believed that the fullness of Pauline – a consequence of laziness. In the future the artist decided to go on a diet, and her desire coincided with the script of the new series.

Grents admitted that make an effort was not easy. The girl was regularly doing wraps, went for massages and work with a trainer in the gym, focusing on basic exercises and cardio. In addition, the actress tried regularly and eat right. In Polina’s diet included oatmeal, which she, by the way, never loved.

Now, the actress continues to follow him. Recently Pauline has enjoyed the detox program in Karelia to get rid of toxins. Grents were very pleased with the trip. The actress was enjoying the fresh air and tested different procedures. According to Pauline, she even managed to lose some weight. “I regret that in 23 years the first time, now definitely once a year for cleaning. Tell you one thing, I’m here 4th day of 7, and the result is stunning. My day is painted completely from six in the morning until nine at night” – shared the girl in social networks.