The star of “Sweet life” Maria Shumakova broke up with a loved

Звезда «Сладкой жизни» Мария Шумакова рассталась с любимым The actress broke up with her boyfriend and returned from Riga to Moscow. Maria Shumakova plunged into the work and social life. The artist tries to escape and start a new life.

      Звезда «Сладкой жизни» Мария Шумакова рассталась с любимым

      Happiness actress lasted only a few months. In June 2015 Shumakova told “Starite” that they are together with her lover, businessman Artem Deravin, decided to move to Riga and open bar Vakara Zinas. The pair carry out their plan, but soon the problems started.

      “Separation occurred in September, – shares with “Stricom” Julia, a friend of the actress. – Bar was closed, returned to Moscow. Perhaps the disorder began because of failures in business. Thought Dishwasher thanks to the popularity and experience of Artem in the school will have many visitors, but customers were few.”

      In addition, because work lovers long time no see – while one was engaged in the Affairs of the Riga bar, the other was left to Moscow. Mary had a very tight schedule: the constant photo shoots and participating in new projects, interview time for a personal life almost does not remain.

      “I think that the main reason of separation are different priorities – continues to Julia. – Artem is ripe for families and children, and Masha was thrown from side to side then the relationships you engage in, acting career, the business. In General, she could not decide what it most needed, a lot of tantrums, showed character. Feelings, of course, were Yes and plans they built far forward, but the arguments eventually prevailed. They decided to stay friends. Now sometimes call. Masha still has not found a new love, not seeing anyone”.

      By the way, back in June of last year in a conversation with “Stricom” Maria confessed that they had with the beloved big plans for the future. The star of the television series I was sure that this thing will go well and they will do well in Latvia. The girl even stated that it was her dream to move to Riga.

      Be discouraged because of the not existing plans Maria did not – she plunged into the work and social life. Shumakov can be called a frequent guest of various events where stars gather. Quite often, the actress can be seen on film premieres and fashion shows. Obviously, the artist started a new life, with no regrets about the past.

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