The star of “Streets of broken lamps” complained about the lack of money

Звезда «Улиц разбитых фонарей» пожаловался на безденежье Alexey Nilov openly spoke about the financial difficulties. Honored artist of the Russian Federation touched on the economic crisis. Because of this, a number of projects start production, fell sharply. Niles is worried that he needs to feed his family.

      Звезда «Улиц разбитых фонарей» пожаловался на безденежье

      31 Jan actor Alexei nilavu known for her role in the popular TV series “Streets of broken lights”, was 53 years old. His birthday honored artist of Russia celebrated in the family circle, together with his beloved wife Helen. This woman Nilov inseparable for more than a decade. However, as journalists found out, in the life of Alex is not so good as it might seem from the outside.

      In an interview with reporters Nilov complained of money problems. Due to the fact that the actor offered little roles, he has difficulty supporting the family. On the question of whether his new projects, Alexei replied in the negative.

      “Only family yet to feed, then it will be full of harmony… Give me projects pieces of eight! So I can work, earn money. And everything will be fine”, – said the actor.
      Звезда «Улиц разбитых фонарей» пожаловался на безденежье

      Recall that behind the stars a few marriages. The first time the actor got married when I studied in the theatrical Institute. Darling Alexei was classmate Anna zamotayev who won. In recognition of the actor, she won it for its stunning appearance. Later Nilov said that Anna was a girl “unearthly beauty”.

      Shortly after Alex in the first time married, he went into the army. When the actor was away from home, his fiancee gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth. Nil second wife was the musical Director Susana Ziruk that gave him a son, Dmitri. The lovers lived in a civil marriage some years.

      Among the other women Nilov was also actress Irina Klimova. Roman artists developed very rapidly. After some time after they met they were married. Gradually, however, the relationship between the lovers began to deteriorate, and the marriage of Irina and Alexey did not save even the appearance of a son Nikita.

      The third legal wife nil was Elena, which was far from the world of show business. The choice of the actor worked as a sales assistant in a store, where Alexei and his colleagues filmed a promotional video. Nilavu liked a pretty girl, and he spun with her. Wedding of Alexey and Elena took place in 2011. In conversation with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the popular actor admitted that has found harmony in this marriage.