The star of “Sherlock Holmes” pregnant

Звезда «Шерлока Холмса» беременна
Rachel McAdams will be the first time mother.

Rachel McAdams


The actress, who played the lead female role of Irene Adler in the movie “Sherlock Holmes”,
expecting her first baby. The news was announced by the publication Moreover, according to
to reports, Rachel McAdams already in the seventh month, so that her child
will soon appear on the light.

Rumors that the actress is pregnant for the first time
began to spread in November 2017, when the paparazzi managed to shoot McAdams
at the airport in Toronto. Then the reporters noticed that under the clothes Rachel had drawn
rounded tummy. And since then, the actress stopped to appear on
the public. Now the news of the pregnancy of the actress confirmed one of her friends.

That she really wants a child, 39-year-old
McAdams has said in the past more than once. As explained by the actress, she did not
mum sooner, because I could not find a man with whom would like
to build a real family. Now Rachel finally found the sought
partner — in the face of kinostsenarii Jamie Linden.

Jamie found she started a couple of years
ago. Incidentally, prior to that McAdams was a whole series of quite loud
novels. Among her Boyfriends were actors Michael sheen, Bradley Cooper, James Franco.
But her affair with Ryan Gosling lasted almost four years.