The star of “Sherlock” and his civil wife suddenly parted

Звезда «Шерлока» и его гражданская супруга внезапно расстались
The actor blames the wreck of the relationship his famous TV series.

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington


actor Martin Freeman, brilliantly played Dr. Watson in the super popular
the TV series “Sherlock” struck by unexpected news, the actor announced that he had parted
with the civil wife and the mother of his children – Amanda Abbington. “Amanda
not together anymore. But we parted friends and I will always love her!” — said the actor. This was announced by the Internet site

This news
came as a complete surprise to all, because Martin, despite his
the fame increased even more after he played the role of hobbit Bilbo
Baggins in the prequel to “the Lord of the rings”, managed by some miracle to keep his
personal life in secret. About Martin and Amanda so little was known — no one even
did not know for certain whether officially registered their marriage. Last December
the actor allowed himself, as an exception, to comment on their marital status,
but, further down all confused: “maybe we’re already married! But it
my personal business and everyone else know about it not necessarily. I have public
profession, but this does not mean that my personal life should be also known
all!” he said. And Amanda, who played in the series the wife of Dr. Watson,
joked in response to all questions: “Why would I want to marry Martin? I have
so full my with him the picture of me wearing the wedding dress from filming “Sherlock”!

Abbington and
Freeman lived together for 15 years they met and fell in love with each other
the filming of the TV movie “Men Only” in 2000. Since then they
they lived together and in 2006, Amanda gave birth to Martin
son Joe. Two years later, the family added another child, daughter grace. Family life Freeman and Abbington proceeded quite peacefully. They fell into the scandalous Chronicles only
again in 2013, when Abbington are unable to pay taxes worth more than 100
thousand pounds and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Then many criticized Martin
hinting that he could help his friend. But Amanda made a statement, in
acknowledging personal responsibility for the incident and soon repaid
all debts.

it broke up Freeman and his girlfriend — remains a mystery. None of them were
seen in pieces on the side. However, Martin hinted that his role in
the destruction of their relationship played its glory…