Звезда «Секса в большом городе» может стать мэром Нью-Йорка.
Cynthia Nixon intends to fight for women’s rights.

Cynthia Nixon


Cynthia Nixon, famous for her performance as Miranda Hobbes, one of the four
friends from the franchise “sex and the city”, announced that it intends to compete for
mayor. She has long supported the critical remarks in the address of the current ruler of the city, Andrew Cuomo. The election, which must
later this year, she decided
to run, hoping to take the post instead.

The actress has already started consultations with experts, hoping,
they will help her prepare for the election campaign. It became known that the main points
program Cynthia will be the struggle for women’s rights, blacks and Indians. According to experts, Nixon has a good chance to win: because
thanks to “Sex and the city”, it enjoys great popularity among
the people of new York.

The only issue that arises for fans of Cynthia — how’s she going
to combine a political career with the continuation of the acting? After all, while Kim Cattrall is one of the four Actresses playing the main roles
in the series, as his kinesiol left the franchise, shooting the next film
well, apparently, held. In any case, it strongly hopes another star
“Sex…” — Sarah Jessica Parker.