The star of “Sasha + Masha” Elena Biryukova called married

Звезду «Саша + Маша» Елену Бирюкову позвали замуж The actress received a proposal of marriage in the “million dollar Secret”. Elena Biryukova did not expect that her civilian spouse Ilya Khoroshilov will appear on the set with her engagement ring.

      Звезду «Саша + Маша» Елену Бирюкову позвали замуж

      Star of the TV series “Sasha + Masha” Elena Biryukova for ten years lived in a civil marriage with a businessman by Ilya Horoshilovym. The couple are raising a daughter Aglaia. Also, the actress has an older descendant of Alexander. The artist told me that she met with a man with the baby. The girl was invited to a children’s holiday, which came and daughter Khoroshilova. At that moment Elena and Ilya were free from a previous relationship, but because they began talking and soon realized that literally made for each other. Despite the family reunion, while the lovers were in no hurry to register the relationship. Star of the TV series “Sasha + Masha” Elena Biryukova admires her husband

      On Saturday the actress will appear as the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva remembered that some time ago in the press there were rumors that Elena Biryukova and Yekaterina Klimova one husband for two. The actress told how he survived the hype surrounding these conjectures. The fact that Elena and Ekaterina, a longtime friend, and with Horoshilovym Klimova was familiar with the school years.

      Quite a surprise to Helen was the appearance in the Studio of Ilya. She did not expect that her civilian spouse will attend the program. But the surprise was that the man got down on one knee and gave the actress an engagement ring.

      Elena Biryukova told me that she doted in his spouse and does not get tired to admire his ability to deal with children. According to her, the little Aglaya loves daddy and is always by his side. The actress is pleased that the daughter of such a strong bond with his father. The artist also tries to spend as much time as possible with the child. She is sorry that she missed many moments of growing up the eldest daughter Sasha, as it literally disappeared on the set of the sitcom “Sasha + Masha”. Now she tries to remember all the most important events in your baby’s life.

      Lera Kudryavtseva could not ignore the subject of past celebrities. Biryukova was married twice. Elena openly admitted why not help the father of her eldest daughter, who is bedridden after a stroke.

      Also, the actress said that was the moment when she almost said goodbye to life. Then the doctors put a terrible diagnosis and preparing for surgery, so the birth of her second child she still considers a miracle.

      Details, viewers can find in the next edition of the show “the Secret in a million” on Saturday, the first of April, at 17:00 on NTV.