The star of “Real boys” complained in Prosecutor’s office

На звезду «Реальных пацанов» пожаловались в прокуратуру

Claims not to Armen Bejanyan (better known as the stepfather of nick Armenta), and to the employees of his company: they cleared the forest after felling wood. And that could lead to fires.

In the TV series “Real boys” Armenta is good, but not the stepfather of nick Naumov. He loves his wife Marina and at the same time a little afraid of her. In life, Armen Bejanyan – businessman, Director of companies associated with forestry. The actor himself does not believe in the project came to help, and left.

The company is located in Osinsky area of the Perm region, and its inhabitants, as it became known, not always pleased with the staff of Begaana. So, the local Prosecutor’s office received a complaint from Osintsev: they reported that the employees of the company, led by Armen Bejarana not have cleared the forest from deforested wood. “The period of the fire, fire, – explained in Prosecutor’s office of the OSA region. – Therefore, the audit materials sent to the court, and it ordered the company to remove remaining after the clearance of debris to avoid fires.”

By the way, Hollywood stars often become heroes of trials. Thus, recently opened a criminal case on Leonardo DiCaprio. Charges him as the producer of the film “the Wolf of wall street” nominated Andrew green – a childhood friend and a former colleague of broker Jordan Belfort, which was filmed picture. According to Greene, the crew was illegally copied from an image of a minor character Nikki Koskoff, played by actor P. J. Byrne, and showed it as “criminal” and “degenerate” (read more here).

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