Звезда «Ранеток» открывает собственный магазин
Lera Kozlova became a businesswoman.

Lera Kozlova

Lera Kozlova, known as the lead singer popular in the 2000s, the group “Ranetki”, will open its own store where it will sell clothes and accessories from limited collections of designers all over the world.

At the end of last year, Lera announced his departure from the band 5sta Family. The reason was the desire to develop something more meaningful. “Creativity, I’m not leaving, but I want to find myself, to grow and to create something more useful for himself and for the people”, — commented the decision of the Lera.

The idea is a joint project of Lera Kozlova with a renowned travel Agency.

“We share a fierce desire to explore the world and do business. The nature of my work, I travel a lot and meet interesting people who do interesting things magical beauty. Therefore, it was decided to open a shop, where we deliver. We do not aim to make money, the main goal is to introduce people to the flavor and culture of a particular country. Powers clearly divided: I have all the creative part, search designers and promotion. This is an important and joyful event for me!” — said Lera.

The store will start this summer on the Internet, but in the near future it is planned to launch the corner in one of the shopping centers of Moscow. The lineup will include women’s and men’s clothing for holidays and hot summer parties.