The star of “Poor Nastya” Elena Korikova survived from the house neighbours

Звезду «Бедной Насти» Елену Корикову выжили из дома соседи The actress settled down in the suburbs. Other inhabitants of the house on Kutuzov Avenue breathed a sigh of relief, because the celebrity often staged noisy parties and loud music. According to them, Korikova always behaved aggressively and staged tantrums.
Звезду «Бедной Насти» Елену Корикову выжили из дома соседи

The main role in the TV series “Poor Nastya” has brought the actress Elena Korikova wide popularity. To get the pretty blonde to your project dreamed by many famous Directors. After the resounding success unexpectedly for fans Korikova disappeared out of sight. She only occasionally appeared in small roles and came to social events. Now 45-year-old actress not to know, she radically changed her image – has become a burning brunette. Involved only in one project – on tour with the play “the Love will unintentionally appear suddenly”.

Bad girl

Recently Korikova had to move. For a long time, Elena, along with son Arseny lived in a spacious apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. All fees, the actress has invested in the renovation of the property. The star of the series the tenants still remember with a shudder.

“Lena often staged noisy party with loud music, says “StarHit” Dmitry, a neighbor of the actress on the porch. – It was the case that pounded into the walls to stop the mess, the noise, the screams, music. But no use! And when they had come to understand Korikova almost with his fists climbed to fight. Screaming, hysteria, saying that she always interfere with sleep. The woman she is, of course, beautiful, but neighbors of people do not believe”.
Звезду «Бедной Насти» Елену Корикову выжили из дома соседи

Lifestyle the actress is not changed, so that clashes with residents of the house long enough. The same was true for patients at the local clinic, who sometimes met her there. “When the nurse politely asked Elena to wait for their turn, she protested and said: “Yes, I everyone here would be fired in two seconds!” continues neighbor Korikova. The whole hospital stood on the ears. The doctors shook hands, they did not know how to explain to Elena that there is a live queue. In the end, the staff hurried to find the necessary help, if only she left. Elena is a very headstrong woman, and at first glance do not tell. But now we have in the house is finally quiet!” Complaints about heir to the stars from the neighbors was received. Arseny started the Internet business and was rarely home.

Son of Elena Korikova was deprived of the rights

“Senya sells electronic equipment, – shared with “StarHit” Elena Chaparova, College Korikova. For example, were brought from Europe iPhones. He is now more than a year in the capital does not appear, a long time did not communicate with him”.
Звезду «Бедной Насти» Елену Корикову выжили из дома соседи


In 2016, the celebrity acquired an apartment and moved out of the city center in the suburban city Aprelevka. “Lena, we immediately recognized – says “StarHit” Victoria, new neighbor of the actress. – She recently bought a four-room apartment with two balconies on the street of Jasmine, and next door shoots while in the the repairs. Acquired it, by the way, when was the second wave – the demand and prices fell slightly. Often see Korikova evenings, and at home she does not appear. Here comes one on a black mini Cooper. However, no one speaks. Remember, before the New year she brought home packages of food. Usually takes a little bit of everything: bread, sausages, fruits, vegetables. And once when I at a local store rolled for no apparent reason the scandal, saying that the counter does not appear in her baby water. Shouted so that the street could be heard. All saluted: “Yes, you know who I am?” It is not surprising that no one wants to come up.”