The star of “Police story” in a coma

Звезда «Полицейской истории» впал в кому
Relatives of the actor preparing for the worst.

David Cassidy


As it became known, 67-year-old famous actor and singer
David Cassidy, remembered by the viewers for her roles in the TV series “Police story” and “the Partridge Family,” is in critical condition. He was
hospitalized a few days ago in a hospital in Florida, but
taken on a doctors efforts, his health began to deteriorate rapidly.

According to available information, Cassidy refused as
the kidneys and liver. Now he is in a coma and hooked up to machines
supporting livelihoods. The only thing I hope the doctors is
they will be able to keep him alive until the moment when there is a suitable
the new liver. However, even under the best of circumstances, doctors
do not feed too high hopes. Relatives of the actor have warned that they
prepared for the worst.

Reportedly, at the bedside almost continuously
is it the only 21-year-old daughter, also became an actress, Katie Cassidy
born at the time the mistress of actor – sherry Williams Benedon. All she
David has a son — Bo — from his third wife sue Shifrin.
The first two marriages – to actress Kay Lenz and
konezavodstve Meryl of Tents — were childless.