Звезда «Лабутенов» снова снялась в клипе «Ленинграда»

Yuliya Topol’nitskiy increasingly becoming an integral part of clips of the band “Leningrad”. “Lit up” the girl in the video for the song “Exhibit”, then she had a cameo role in the video “Tits”, now Topol’nitskiy again collaborates with Shnurov and his team.

“Leningrad” was presented to the audience his creation called “kolschik”.

The clip is filmed in an unusual manner – the action takes place in reverse order, from end to beginning. In the clip we see a rather unusual characters, clowns, gymnast, police and even tigers.

The clip was posted on Valentine’s Day. During the day it has already assessed more than 260 thousand users who in the comments noted that he was pleased. Many admitted that their video has attracted even more than the song.