Звезда «Властелина колец» репетирует свою пятую свадьбу
Sean Bean gave his daughter in marriage.

Звезда «Властелина колец» репетирует свою пятую свадьбу

daughter of Sean bean, Lorna with her husband

Photo: Splash News/East news

Sean Bean

Photo: Splash News/East news

Sean Bean, star of Lord of the rings franchise and the arrow sharp, pleased their
fans going to the wedding of his daughter Lorna. The actor, who often
appear in public dressed casually, this time seemed just perfect.

Approximately 80 guests
gathered at the marriage of the eldest daughter, 29-year-old Lorna, were pleasantly
surprised at how it looked and behaved Sean. Dressed in a perfectly sitting on
this dark blue suit, Bin lavished all smiles. A little later, the actor was impressed
present when helped free the bird trapped under the roof
restaurant in the suburbs of London, which hosted the wedding Banquet. “Actually, in the shower
I’m white and fluffy!” — joked the actor.

In fact, Sean always
famous for his volatile and quarrelsome nature. He repeatedly butted in
brawls in bars and not once had to deal with the police. But, it seems, the last on
today, the Bina girlfriend – Ashley Moore, managed to re-educate the actor.

During his life, Bin
managed to get married four times already and as many times divorced. His second wife
blessed his two daughters, she gave birth to two daughters — Sean, Lorna and her sister Melanie. And the third wife
the actor gave him another child — Alvie. Although all divorces Bina
he was given very difficult, it didn’t cool his fervor matrimonial. In 2014
he announced his engagement to Ashley and, according to friends of the actor, in the near
the future intends to make her his wife number five.

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