The star of “legally Blonde” became the participant of road accident with a deadly outcome

Звезда «Блондинки в законе» стал участником ДТП со смертельным исходом
The actor saved the life of a wounded female.

Luke Wilson


46-year-old actor Luke Wilson, the younger brother of Owen
Wilson, proved to be a real hero, not on screen but in real
lives. The actor made famous by roles in the franchise “Blonde in
law” and the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, showing self-control and courage, saved the woman who was injured in the accident.

The incident involving Wilson,
happened on a road in Los Angeles. In addition to Luke, in an accident yet
one quite well-known in America employees — professional golfer bill
Haas. The driver of the car “Ferrary»,
which went to Haas for an unknown reason, lost control, and
the car was thrown into oncoming traffic where it crashed into a BMW. That, in turn, has hit going right
for BMW to Toyota, at the wheel which was Wilson. In the accident, the driver of “Ferrary»
died on the spot, and the woman who was driving the BMW, was badly injured. Seriously was injured
and Haas.

Wilson suffered less. When Luke stopped and went out of their
car to assess the situation, he heard calls for help coming from BMW.
The woman was screaming that her leg is stuck, the door won’t open, and she can’t get out.
Meanwhile, her car began to smoke. The car could explode at any second, and Wilson rushed to the aid, deciding to pull the victim through the back door. In
the last time he could come to the aid one more driver of the car traveling behind the car Wilson. They
the two dragged the woman to the curb, where it arrived through and took short
time machine “Fast”. A woman and wounded
the golfer was taken to hospital where their condition was assessed as “serious”. However, doctors are favorable, they believe that threat to life of victims now, no.