Звезда «Горько!» Егор Корешков закрутил роман с Юлией Хлыниной Young actors, who tried to hide their relationship from the public, appeared together at a party short film festival “Short” in Kaliningrad. Egor Koreshkov and Yuliya Hlynina making out in public.
Звезда «Горько!» Егор Корешков закрутил роман с Юлией Хлыниной

31-year-old Egor Koreshkov and 25-year-old Yuliya Hlynina spend time together at the festival of short films “in Short” in Kaliningrad. Young actors who until recently had preferred not to share details of his personal life, no longer hide his affair from the public. The artists posed for photographers and did not hesitate to demonstrirovat feelings on camera. Apparently, Egor and Julia are in the seventh heaven from happiness. Lovers delighted guests one of the social events harmony that prevailed between them.

Meanwhile, in the microblog Hlynina there was a picture of the second half with the eloquent signature. Julia released a photo of Yegor and accompanied it with a smiley heart.

About how long actors meet, we can only guess, but the first hints of a romance between them appeared some time ago. Then Roots shared in Instagram by the girls, admiring the sunset. The face of the mysterious beauty was not visible, but in the comments of the post artist of one of his friends wrote: “Yulia”.

In mid-June, Egor posted a picture together with darling, however, face the second half chose to hide. Roots showed idyll with a sweetheart on the foreign resort, located in Indonesia. On the same date this geotag set and Julia Hlynina. Apparently, the couple had a wonderful time in an exotic country. They tried the local cuisine, sunbathing, swimming and walking around the sights. A particularly strong impression on Hlynina produced the so-called monkey Forest. The girl was glad to be alone with nature and to feed funny animals. “Depressed with my friends,” shared Julius in one of the posts.

Recall that one of the most prominent roles of Egor Koreshkov Roma in the film “Kiss!” the Director Jora Gooseberry. The young actor also starred in the TV series “the Eighties”, “the Thaw” and “Dostoevsky”. Very soon the audience will see the actor in the sequel to “Hotel Eleon”. In the new series, he plays the fan of the main character Dasha performed by Diana Pozharskoe.

Yuliya Hlynina starred in “Mysterious passion” and “the Law of the stone jungle”. In 2016, the screens out the film “Duelist” with Peter Fedorov and Vladimir Mashkov, in which she played a major role.