The star of “Junior” turned destroyed kopeck piece in the home of the future

Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего Vladimir Steklov made a futuristic renovation. A famous actor, recently bought an apartment in Moscow, called the transformation time travel. The designer chose the ultra-modern bright style.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      Famous actor Vladimir Steklov has recently decided to move to live in Moscow to the artist became uncomfortable in a large country house, and he chose him a little kopeck piece on the Leningrad prospectus.

      However, the builders who hired the 68-year-old artist, was unfair. Steklov paid them for the repairs, and they fled with his money, not complying with the contract and leaving the apartment in a dilapidated condition. In this house Vladimir and invited a team of “Perfect repair”, believing that only they can deal with this mess.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего“Here I have a force majeure, to put it mildly, – said the actor. – If there is the light of virtue and good intentions, then that’s exactly what you would expect. When I get out of this destructive segment, you will be able to breathe”.

      Presenter Natasha Barbier has promised to Vladimir Steklov that they will cope with the task. The designers decided to turn a small one-bedroom apartment of the actor in the home of the future and began the futuristic renovations.

      In apartment has installed steel door with integrated video surveillance and intercom, as well as with noise and insulation. “A perfect repair” set Windows made of aluminium, providing excellent heat preservation. On the ceiling there was a metal frame covered with wood – parquet made of solid oak produced in the suburbs. The oak tinted by special composition, which allows to achieve the desired colour and effect of natural aging. The walls in the apartment are covered with microcemento is a modern version of the plaster. She is a fashionable alternative to ceramic tile. In addition, the walls were finished with onyx and concrete.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      Kitchen area from the living room separates the so-called island. He’s a complex design and made it from metal. Kitchen apron, it was decided to make the glass, it is very practical and does not require special care. One side of the island is a continuation of the working area. It was built in washing machine, sink for washing dishes, and drawers for storage of kitchen utensils. The second side of the island, a dining area, it is on a different level, the countertop is made of natural wood. Near the island of put bar stools, upholstered in leather.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      Kitchen furniture made of MDF, the upper facades are in two tiers. They are completely without handles. Open pressing, the fingerprint remains, thanks to the innovative coating.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      The apartment preserved the garbage disposal, because the house is old. The designer has offered to turn it into the fireplace. He is decorative, but the fire is real. Working fireplace in environmental liquid fuels of plant origin.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      The project used a variety of different lamps. Built – in the hallway, they seem to merge with the ceiling. Mesmerizing chandelier, it creates the effect of floating fish. Still a few sconces and luxury lamp above the sofa, his dark lampshade is made of pleated fabric. Perfectly blended into the futuristic interior sleek curtains of linen.

      Звезда «Молодежки» превратил разрушенную двушку в жилище будущего

      Modular sofa, backrest and armrests are low, especially to be able to watch TV. Frame for family photos the designer has made herself. For decorating was used with metal nails, manufactured in this forge.

      Vladimir Steklov went to his apartment and could not believe that he is at home.

      “If I’ve got? At one time or not? incredulously responded the actor. – I’m afraid that now the program will end and all this will disappear somewhere. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in creating this beauty!”