Interns star Christina Asmus is in trouble A case has been opened against the actress.

< br>Interns star Christina Asmus is in trouble Christina Asmus has recently disappeared from social networks. The actress now rarely makes publications, admitting that she has a lot of work and simply does not have time for the network. At the moment, she has been in Yaroslavl for a month and a half, where she is filming in the new project “RAYcetr”. alt=”The star of the “Interns” Christina Asmus got into trouble” />

On the blog, the artist hinted that this is most likely another series about cattle – “there will be a lot of black humor, artificial blood and real dirt,” she shared Asmus. She also added that now she works very hard, but also earns a lot. “Interns” Christina Asmus got into trouble “/>

However, recently there were reports that a case was brought against Christina to discredit the Russian army. For what merits it is not known, it seems that the actress did not make any harsh statements. “Interns” Kristina Asmus got into trouble” />

According to some sources, a compassionate citizen from Tver wrote about her in the right place.

According to others, law enforcement agencies themselves discovered an illegal publication on her personal page during routine monitoring.

But be that as it may, now the star of the “Interns” faces administrative liability and a fine of 30 to 50 thousand rubles.
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