The star of “Inhabited island” returns to its former glory

Звезда «Обитаемого острова» возвращает былую славу Vasily Stepanov brought “Instagram” and gaining likes. Once a brilliant blockbuster, and then left in the shadow of the actor found a way to re-establish contact with his fans.

      Звезда «Обитаемого острова» возвращает былую славу

      In 2008, when the screens came the blockbuster “the Inhabited island”, the country learned about the Basil Štěpánov. Tall blonde with blue eyes made a lasting impression on the female half of the population. The actor predicted Lavra Russian brad pitt. However, after some time Basil had ceased to appear on the big screen, and then disappeared altogether out of sight of the fans. Many fans have been trying to find Stepanov at least through social networks on the Internet, but in vain.

      Recently, journalists of a television station came to the actor to visit, to film a report about it. Word for word, Vasily agreed that it was time to return to public life. The reporters got him to create an account in Instagram. They explained to the star how to use the app, and posted the first picture together. Stepanov liked the idea, and he promised in future to fill your page with interesting pictures.

      Of course, while on the microblogging Basil know a few fans, but their number is steadily increasing. Those who have already joined the 30-year-old actor, who was texting him words of support and compliments. “You’re handsome”, “it is Strange that with your data, Vasily, you suddenly go unnoticed! I think that if You knew about the photographers on my team, would tear You to pieces!” – glad the fans for their pet.

      Recall, Stepanov dropped out of public life by chance – he had health problems. In the middle of last year the actor was urgently hospitalized with a suspected detached thrombus. The doctors fought for his life, because a clot could get into the heart, and it would have ended in death. Fortunately, the timely surgery saved the actor.

      “StarHit” then contacted the representative of Basil to see how he feels. “Now Basil is not in Russia, – said Sergei Rublev. – His condition is stable. At the moment it passes a comprehensive examination and treatment. The situation is very complicated, because the clot can break away at any moment. Basil is isolated from the emotional turmoil and news, as it may harm his health. Doctors do not make predictions about his recovery. It may take a few months. Now we receive many job offers, but we are forced to abandon them.”

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