The star of “I” provoked scandal

Звезда «САШАТАНЯ» спровоцировал скандал A famous actor will not appear in the famous sitcom. Alexey Gavrilov refused to continue shooting in the popular film. Now he is considering other interesting job offers.

      Звезда «САШАТАНЯ» спровоцировал скандал

      Three years ago on the screens out the new TV series “SASHATANYA”, which was a continuation of the famous sitcom “Univer”. One of the main roles in the film played by actor Alexey Gavrilov. He appears in the series as a character, but gosh, each of the main characters. But now the actor will no longer work on the set of the TV series “SASHATANYA”. Of his intention to leave the project, he said in microblogging.

      “In 2016, the channel TNT will begin shooting a new season of the TV series “SASHATANYA”, but the audience will never see it my hero gosh Rudkovskaya. I decided not to star in the new season and no longer play this role, which has devoted seven years of his life. I am grateful to the producers, actors, audience and all those who worked with me all these years. This year I’m 33, and for me this is the age of serious and conscious decisions. This year I have planned several interesting projects, where we will meet many more times with you, my audience. See me in new roles and new genres. See you on the screens. P. S. no need to go with the flow and not against it. Need to go wherever you need, wherever your heart”, – said Alexey.

      Fans were disappointed with this statement of the actor. They are pained by the news that they won’t see the response in the performance Gavrilova. However, fans wished him new roles.

      “Thanks to this project because you saw a huge number of spectators and made a face recognizable. But surely, only forward!”, “You are a big fellow! I’m sure you will conquer more than one top! Good luck in your endeavors!”, “Hurrah, well done! Support! To go on its bright way,” wrote comments subscribers artist.

      Not so long ago Gavrilov appeared before the audience not as a comedian, and as a serious investigator palmist, who solves mysterious crimes.

      “My character is a man courageous, knows how to handle weapons may, if necessary, and to give a face to. He was certainly an intellectual, because he has huge knowledge, but not boring. He has a great sense of humor and I enjoy joking on the set. But if someone is expecting to see the usual cetkovska jokes, then it will be a surprise: in the role of “guardian” is not like anything I’ve done before,” admitted Alex.

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