The star of “House-2” was threatened by the atrocities

Звезде «Дома-2» угрожали жестокой расправой The former participant of a reality show seriously feared for his life. Egor Holevina and his fiancee threw in boxes of poisonous snakes, rats and Scorpions. A couple of a long time to understand who and what they are taking revenge in this way.

      Звезде «Дома-2» угрожали жестокой расправой

      A famous member of the popular TV project “Dom-2” Egor Kholyavin he remembered how he had been the victim of persecutors. After he left the show, he started to come in social networks threats from an unknown person. Egor tried not to pay attention to unpleasant words and just blocked the user. But that didn’t stop the attacker. The former participant “Houses-2” began to receive negative messages from other accounts. Only now threats began to arrive not only him but also his fiancee, Natalia Kalaus.

      Egor does not respond to such messages in the Network. Then the detractors have moved from words to action. Kholyavin felt a real threat to his life, and was seriously worried for your favorite. “To the salon Kalaus tossed a box that looked like a bomb: the sounds coming from her, it resembled an explosive device. Was a lot of noise and panic, came the sappers, the Ministry of emergency situations. Once opened, the box revealed that there was an alarm clock, as well as poisonous snakes,” recalls Kholyavin.

      Egor said that in such a serious incident the police intervened. On this occasion, was a criminal case. But even after the intruders began to search for law enforcement agencies, threats are not stopped. One day, Yegor discovered a suspicious box under your car. However, it was not snake, and Madagascar cockroaches. Egor was not myself from the feeling that unknown people know where he lives and what car he drives. And Natalia and her lawyer under the car put a box, infested with rats and Scorpions.

      “Me and Klaus were in panic, this time was for us very difficult and stressful,” said Yegor.

      For a long time Egor and Natalia could not understand who, what and why they are pursued. When beloved former participant of the reality show had received threats, they said that she wasted with him. Then Kalaus and Kholyavin decided that it might are haters of the TV show. However, one incident that occurred later, forced them to look at the whole situation from a different angle.

      “It so happened that our relationship, at some point we stopped communicating. It was then that the attackers disappeared and stopped writing threats. I still don’t know exactly who it was,” said a former member of the reality show in an interview with the magazine “the House-2”.

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